It all started with a couple of rows of Barbera. From that time in 1842 until now, we have kept unchanged the traditions of over 7 generations. And this is just the beginning.

History of the Paolo Berta family

The Berta Paolo winery is situated in an area particularly suited for the cultivation of grapevines. The vineyards and winery are indeed at Nizza Monferrato, where the rolling hills of Monferrato meet the rugged hills of the Langhe. Since July 2014 this area has been awarded the prestigious UNESCO's World Heritage status "for the exceptional quality of the wine-growing landscape and the deep wine culture."

From research carried out on historical documents from the archives, the Berta family is known to have already been dedicated to the production and sale of wine as early as 1842. Particularly that of Barbera – grapes historically produced in the area surrounding Nizza. Today, as in the past, the company's philosophy has remained unchanged and always aims for the production of wines of the highest quality and authenticity.

In addition to a constant and careful work in the vineyard, the use of chemical products is always kept to a minimum. The company, indeed, adheres to an agri-environment Community regulation that requires the use of low environmental impact products only. Together, these practices allow the cultivation of a grape with exceptional quality and unmistakable naturalness.

All the work done in the vineyard, with great professionalism and experience, is then followed by a no less important phase of work in the cellar. In the wine production stainless steel tanks are used for the proper fermentation, together with barrels of different sizes and types of wood, for an ageing process tailored depending on the organoleptic characteristics of the wine. Today you can still admire the centuries-old wooden barrels used in the processing of the Berta family’s grapes by the generations that have been at the company's helm.

The high quality and the absolute wholesomeness of every product characterize Berta wines, with each bottle being unique according to their vintage and vineyard.