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Monferrato Nebbiolo "Baticheur"


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Nizza D.O.C.G. La Berta
From vineyards “Canfulet”,”Bricco”; age: 45 - 90 years; 260 meters above sea level, yield per hectare: 7000 kg. Very selective choice of grapes harvested, traditional Berta family fermentation in steel and aging in oak barrels of 25 hl.The resulting wine is then aged in wooden barrels over 12 months. Intense ruby red color, a distinctive aroma and ethereal with hints of red fruits and spicy note, excellent flavor and body, soft, harmonious and round. To be consumed at 18 ° - 20 ° C.
Barbera D`Asti "Belmon"
Barbera D'Asti "Belmon" was born like blend of 3 vineyards at 260 mt slm aspect sud/west, vineyards “Cerruta”, “Canfulet”,”Glauda. Average vine age:30 years; altitude: 260 meters; yield per hectare: 9000 kg of grapes. Choice of grapes harvested, maceration of 15/20 days, all the while following the traditional method of the Berta family.Deep ruby color, lingering fragrance and fruity with notes of violet and ripe fruit flavor, nicely balanced, full-bodied and round. To be consumed at 16 ° - 18 ° C.