Exploring the Diversity of Piedmont with Collisioni To the majority of wine lovers, the word “Piedmont” automatically brings to mind the wines of Barolo and Barbaresco. If that wine lover is also a foodie, then maybe thoughts of white truffles may follow, and if that wine lover has a serious interest in the region, then they may also know and enjoy a Barbera, Arneis or Dolcetto from time to time. The fact is that Piedmont provides a diverse array of grapes and expressions, which pair very well with the regional cuisine. However, an unfortunate reality is that when that same wine lover thinks of the region and its wines, they are thinking of a very small portion of Piedmont, one that exists around the communes of Barolo and Barbaresco. To a certain degree, Alto Piemonte has gained notoriety, yet it is still fighting to show its importance and the unique expression that Nebbiolo finds there.